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10 Great Central Florida Day Trips

Where do you want to go on your day out.

When most people think of Central Florida Day Trips, they tend to think Disney World and other theme parks. The theme parks in Central Florida are great places to to go and enjoy the but here you can see there is so much more to discover in Central Florida.

I picked these Central Florida day trips due to their educational value and cost. In our family we call them learning adventures.

My granddaughter came up with this term as all of our little day trips have turned into adventures for her and she says she always learns something. Kids actually love to learn especially if it is something they are interested in. As a parent or grandparent this is a great opportunity to reinforce that love of learning.

Whether you live or are planning to visit Central Florida, looking for a learning adventure or just a relaxing day, you will be delighted by any of these great Central Florida day trip ideas. Enjoy!

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